Euromillions lottery

How To Play Euromillions Online


Playing Euromillions online is as easy as 123! Firstly you need to create a free account at the official UK National Lottery site. Doing so only takes a minute or two. Once you have created your free account you then click the “Play Games” option which you will find at the top right of the National Lottery Website, then simply select Euromillions.

Euromillions Online – Selecting Draws and Number of Weeks

Step 1 of playing Euromillions online is selecting the draw or indeed draws you want to play. You can either select the Tuesday draw, Friday draw or both the draws. Simply select the draw(s) you want to play from the pull down option.

Next you simply select how many weeks you want to play. You can select 1 to 4 weeks. Remember that each draw cost £2.

Euromillions Online Ticket

The Euromillions online ticket allows you to enter up to 4 sets of numbers for up to 4 weeks. Each of the  draw boxes are split into 2 sections. The first section is for the 5 main numbers and the section is for the 2 star numbers.  For the main numbers simply enter 5 different numbers within the range of 1 to 50. For the star numbers enter 2 different numbers in the range of 1 to 11.

Euromillions Lucky Dip

If you prefer to have your numbers generated at random then instead of entering numbers you can simply press the lucky dip button which will randomly pick numbers for you and fill in all of the boxes.

Euromillions Raffle

Every time you purchase a line of Euromillions numbers you’ll be issued with a unique UK Millionaire Raffle selection – which will be displayed on your ticket. This selection will be entered into the UK Millionaire Raffle draw.

Double check all the details you have entered are correct then click the play now button. Yes it’s as simple as that!

Viewing Your Euromillions Tickets

Your online Euromillions tickets are kept in your National Lottery account and are 100% secure and safe. Only you can view your online tickets by logging in to your account. Once you’ve signed in, select ‘My Account’ at the top right of the page. To view your ticket select the ‘My Tickets’ option.

What To Do When You Win

One of the great benefits of playing Euromillions online is that when you win any amount you will receive an email. The National Lottery will inform you that you have some news about your ticket and ask you to sign in to your Account. For details of your win simply login to your account and check the message area of ‘My Account’ you’ll find a message informing you of your win.

How To Claim Euromillions Winnings

Wins up to £500 are paid directly in to your Account. You can either choose to transfer them to your debit card bank account by electronic transfer or use them to play more games.

Wins of £501 to £5,000 are paid directly to your bank account by electronic transfer.

Wins over £5,000 must be claimed by calling the National Lottery Customer Care Team on 0845 278 8000, and will be paid by cheque.

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