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How People choose Lottery Numbers


Although lottery games are mostly based on luck, some people strongly believe that their method for choosing numbers can influence results. In fact, many big winners swear that their jackpots came as a result of how they picked numbers. Of course, there is no statistical proof that the method used to select lottery digits has any impact on results, but it’s worth looking at a few different tactics nonetheless.

Picking Numbers based on Recent Results

The most common system for choosing numbers involves examining recent results and making decisions afterward. For example, if 15 has come up in three straight drawings, players will closely look at this trend. From here, the process of selecting numbers branches off into two schools of thought: A) not choosing 15 in the upcoming drawing because it’s been drawn so frequently, and B) picking 15 in the next drawing since it’s a hot number.

Choosing Numbers that you deem Lucky or Sacred

Everybody has a number or two that holds some significance to them. The reasons why a certain number is sacred could be because you wore it in sports, it has brought you luck in the past, or the number has cultural significance. For example, Western civilization often deems 7 to be extremely lucky while many Eastern countries have a fondness for the number 8.

Selecting Numbers based on Patterns

This method requires a bit more analysis because people often dip back into previous drawings to try and come up with some sort of pattern. What the pattern may be is all up to the player, but examples involve someone looking for a certain shape (when viewing past drawings) or a specific number sequence.

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