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Poker is a very safe and secure game to play; however, sometimes cheating may also happen in an online casino. Cheating in poker is very rare, and not many people find themselves in cheating situations while playing. But this does not mean that it does not happen. It is essential to be aware of the ways that you can be cheated so that you keep a close eye as you play agen poker idn.


Ghosting is very common both in land-based casinos and online casinos. People who ghost give other players advice while people are playing the poker tournament. Most live games prohibit ghosting, but online tournaments are hard to monitor and incapable of stopping this from happening. Ghosting usually occurs when two friends sit together at the table. In online poker games, players apply ghosting by getting help from free tools like skype. Sometimes ghosting can save a player from difficult situations, but the act does not really give you an advantage over other players.

Having multiple accounts

Creating multiple real money accounts at one site is another form of online cheating. When a player creates various accounts, he tries to pose as different players, thus, getting an unfair advantage over others and increasing their chance of winning.

Many poker sites deal with this kind of cheating every other day. It is such a big issue for gambling sites because when one player has multiple accounts, he gets bonuses on every account, a situation generally referred to as bonus fraud. This is why most poker sites ask the players to verify their identity by providing their official documents such as identity cards. If you are caught having multiple accounts, the site freezes all your accounts.

Use of poker bots

Bots are software that does particular things such as playing poker games. When a player uses a poker bot, they are assisted in making perfect decisions regarding the game at all times. If you are the opponent playing against the bot, your chances of winning are very minimal. Knowing whether a player is using a bot is quite tricky, which has remained one of the biggest issues that poker sites deal with. Bots are very advanced, and they mimic human actions. If you want to know if you are playing against a bot, check if the player is playing for a very long time without taking a break. Players who also play at multiple tables or play a perfect hand at all times are probably bots.

Playing against super-user accounts

When playing poker, a player is not supposed to see the hole card of those he is playing against because they can use this as an opportunity to avoid losing a hand. A player who sees the hole card knows exactly when he should fold, raise or bet, hence, increasing his chance of winning.

To keep games fair, a player should only see his hole cards while the other players’ cards are usually at inaccessible poker servers. This strategy helps to give every player an equal chance to win and avoid cheating at tables.

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