How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

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90 ball bingo is the most popular form of bingo played in the UK, Australia and New Zealand (former states of the British Empire).  The 90 ball version of bingo is also far more popular at online bingo sites and tends to have larger prizes and jackpots than its 75 ball counterpart.  You can find 90 ball bingo games at all UK bingo sites such as Foxy Bingo, Bet365 Bingo, Posh Bingo and Jackpot Joy for example. 90 ball bingo is also a slightly easier game for new bingo players to understand since there are no changing patters or rules like there are in other types of bingo games.

90 Ball Bingo Card

The 90 ball bingo card or “ticket” contains a total of 15 random numbers from the numbers 1 – 90.  The numbers are printed are a 9×3 card (9 columns and 3 rows) with the numbers 1-10 on the first column, the numbers 11-20 on the second column, and so on until the final column contains the numbers 81-90.  On each line or row there are a total of 5 numbers (which multiplied by the 3 lines makes up 15 numbers in total).

How to Play 90 Ball Bingo Games

The aim of 90 ball bingo is to cross of or “daub” out each of the numbers on your ticket before any of the other players in the same game; specific prizes are awarded for 1st line bingo, 2nd line bingo or full house bingo.  Numbers are called out at random by the dealer.  If you have that specific number on your card (e.g. “15”) than you should cross it off or “daub” it out.  Most online bingo sites have an auto-daubing feature that does this for you.  This makes playing bingo online easier, makes sure you don’t miss if you’ve won and also allows you to play with multiple tickets.  In online bingo you can usually buy up to a massive 90 tickets for each game.  The higher the number of tickets that you purchase, the better chance you have of winning the game or jackpots (however this additional cost of purchasing tickets might not necessarily improve your odds overall).

90 ball bingo traditionally has three different prizes in each game which can all be won by the same or three separate players.  These are 1st line, 2nd line and full house bingo.  The player that scratches off the 1st line of his bingo card wins the first prize, then the player(s) that scratch off the 2nd or all of their lines before any other players wins the 2nd line and full house prizes respectively.  Generally, the full house prize contains the biggest jackpot and can be worth up to 10,000 times the price of your ticket.  For example, if you purchase a 10p ticket than you could win up to £1,000.

The key to winning 90 ball bingo games is to select the rooms with the biggest jackpots and the lowest the number of entrants.  The games that have the lowest number of entrants will give you better odds of winning (since bingo is a tournament-style game where you are competing against all of the other players).

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